Custom driver that creates OPC-UA address space

I’m about to start developing a custom driver that will communicate with a device using secure web sockets. This driver will read a large quantity of data and map it into an OPC-UA address space created by the driver. Also I need to expose methods within the address space that my be invoked by SCADA clients. Lastly the device has access control interface that the driver will need to interface with. Basically a user name and password must be supplied by the driver before it can access data or services. How can the driver expose this access control interface to the gateway which exposes it to the admin? I suspect I can expose a custom web page for this but how?

I searched the documentation for information related to how this may be done but could not find anything. There is an example WeatherModule that looks like it does some things I need to do. I see there exists a namespace ‘com.inductiveautomation.opcua.types’ that contains some useful types.

Where can I obtain more details related to what I need to do?

Many thanks

Our server doesn’t support OPC-UA methods right now, so you won’t be able to get that part implemented.

The username and password could just be exposed as standard configuration items along with hostname, port, etc… just like the rest of the drivers do for configuration. Driver configuration pages are generated automatically based on the driver’s settings record.

You might look at the Modbus driver example, particularly its implementation of buildNode(), to see how a driver builds nodes that end up in the UA address space.

Thank your the prompt response.

Will the support of OPC-UA methods appear soon such as in the next release?

[quote=“troy.anderson”]Thank your the prompt response.

Will the support of OPC-UA methods appear soon such as in the next release?[/quote]

I’m not sure when they would be implemented.

There’s a theoretical overhaul of the server planned for sometime in the future, but right now it’s just “sometime”.


Could we contract Inductive Automation to add this feature? Who would I need to contact?

We don’t typically operate that way, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to contact whoever your sales rep is.

Will do.

Thank you very much