Custom email alert messages (ignition 7.1.3)

I am unable to reference the value of another SQLTag in the custom message box in alerts.

I have a boolean Tag that goes high for a few seconds every minute(from WinCC). An alert is set to go off when the value of the tag goes high. At that instant, i want the email alert to contain a value of another float4 SQLTag. In the help file it is given that i can insert a reference to another tag but there are no examples given that explain how it is done. The examples provided are for the properties of that particular alert.

I tried using {}, {[]} and all possible combinations but could not get the value of the float4 tag.
Dragging and dropping the float4 SQLtag into the message box causes the SQLTag to disappear from the SQLTags list. I have to drag it in from the OPC Browser again.

Waiting for an answer…

The custom alert message is an expression like the expression binding or db tag expression. So in order to reference a SQLTag you need to use the function tag(“TagPath”) to do that.

OK, how do you add tag(“TagPath”) in the custom message? I tried all combinations but always get the standard Autogenerated message reply, probably indicating some kind of error. I tried all the usual suspects like {[ etc, but they all fail. I just want to say something like FLOW = tag(“Waste Water/FLOW”), where FLOW is my SQL Tag in the Waste Water folder.

Err… this is going to be a tad confusing for everyone… but Travis’ response is just wrong (to be fair, I think he asked me if it would work and I just said ‘yes’ without thinking about it). Afzal was on the right path. The message (and now subject) aren’t actually expressions - they’re special messages who look for item references and special property references.

So, it’s like this:

Just like you would have in an expression.

So, in jvandeve’s case, the whole message should be:

FLOW = {Waste Water/FLOW}

Assuming there’s a tag named “FLOW” under Root>Waste Water.


Thanks guys, works like a charm. One thing though: when you turn OFF the send clear notification setting, it still sends it.

What I mean is that an email alert is send when the alarm clears, even when the ‘Send Clear’ dropdown is in the OFF state in the Alert set-up. The console shows Active: no and then just the date and time it cleared. I assume it has something to do with the fact that the particular alarm has a delay of several minutes before it actually alarms, and when it clears before the alarm is active it sends the message…How can I get rid of this?

It appears that the “send clear” option on the tag setup isn’t being respected- this has been fixed for 7.1.5.