Custom email subject

Is there any way to edit the subject line of an alert e-mail? Rather like a, but for FSQL?


No, currently it isn’t possible to change the subject.


That’s what I was seeing, and afraid of… 'bout the only thing I can say is “Rat’s! Now I have to be creative…” :laughing:

Out of curiosity, would you want to set it on an item by item basis, or once globally with the ability to reference elements of the alert (item name, state name, etc., like how custom alert messages work)?


Once globally would be preferred, although I could certainly work with a static entry. My current project is in downtime tracking, sending out an email at 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 mins. of downtime for a line. An example message subject line would be:

ND_3411_Down_10min Active

Well and good, since it tells me which line and how long it’s been down, but the active and clear flags aren’t something I need for this application. I know I’ll keep getting the question of “Is active the good thing, or is clear the good thing?” :unamused: