Custom expandable menu


I have to improve the navigation dock of my project and I need an expandable menu. I would realize something like a custom tree view (the standard one does not have all the features I need), but I can’t figure how to implement it (if possible). The result I wish to obtain is showed in the following picture:

I already have two template for the “item” and “subitem” items (w/o the “+” box), but my main concern is how to realize the dynamic positioning after expansion or collapse (with a single click) of an “item”… I tried using the template repeater but without success…

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you.



So far, there is nothing in your request that the tree view can’t do :smiley:

However, if you are exploring alternate options, you will want to use the template canvas, rather than the template repeater. The template canvas has options for implementing multiple templates, as well as precise positioning. That will be your best bet if you don’t want to use the tree view. You could also dive into the SDK to make that happen. Let me know if you have further questions!


Hi, thank you for your reply.

The two main issues with the tree view are:

  • I need to put a leaf (empty path) at the top of the list, but it seems that I am not able to do this: if I create a leaf (and set it as the first item), it will be placed at the bottom, after the nodes. If I create a node without leaf, a NULL leaf is created…

  • I wish to use a single click on the node to expand it

I am not a sw developer so I’d prefer to avoid the use of SDK in order to save time… maybe as future improvement… :unamused: At the moment I think I will try with the canvas…


I see the issue. You are correct. Currently, the tree view does not support creating a node without a leaf. This is a feature request that is already in the works, and the projected milestone is either 7.7.6 or 7.8.1, which are due sometime in November. In the meantime, have fun with the template canvas, and let us know if you have any further questions!


just a late update: I’ve realized the expandable menu using the template canvas and it works quite well !

I’ve defined two types of template that act respectively as node (expandable) and leaf: a script dinamically refresh (generate) the items, passing all the needed parameters (i.e. the window to open and its parameters).
It was necessary to also create a template canvas custom property (bool) for every expandable item instantiated: it acts as a flag to determine if the script have to instantiate it as “expanded” or not.


I attach a very simple example of use of the expandable menu that I’ve realized.
It is just a draft that could be used as starting point for further customizations and improvements.

If something is not clear, feel free to let me know.

Has there been any progress on this?

Within the tree view, I really need to have a page as the first item, with folders underneath that (the reason being, the page has an overview image of the whole system; below that are folders which split the system into manageable chunks. As there are quite a few folders, the Overview page is being lost at the bottom, so not obvious to new users that it even exists.)