Custom Font Not Applying on Deployment Server

I have a custom font in a perspective project that I was able to make it so that it will appear in a browser of a computer without the font natively installed. I did this by adding the custom .woff files to the fonts folder and then editing the light.css theme to use that font instead of the default Roboto. This works great on our development server and shows up on every machine as the default font.

However, when moving the project to our deployment server for our client, it no longer works. The light.css file matches our own, the fonts folder contains our custom fonts, but when viewing the project in browser, it defaults to Roboto still. Using Chrome’s dev tools and inspecting, it still looks like it is referencing the old light.css theme and using Roboto from that. All the project properties seem to be identical between the two, but it is not appearing.

As a note in case this helps narrow down the problem, when going to /data/perspective/fonts/[our font name] does download the font on our development server, but does not on our deployment server. It can’t even find one of the default Ignition fonts.