Custom Font Support?

I’ve created a custom font with some standard icons for my HMI. Right now the font must be installed in the underlying OS to show up which works fine if I have control of the client machine. How can I bundle the font into the client download for remote users? Is this even possible, or will I need to fall back to creating bitmaps?

I know we tried including custom fonts, but this needed to be done as part of the java install. There are a few threads on this if you search around. I gave up because it was not worth the hassle. I’m curious if there are any new solutions.

For the icons, we actually came up with a nice solution of using a global script that generates the web url to the icon file that is hosted from the gateway web server. So for a binding on a button i put

runScript('shared.ui.img.icon', 0, 'trash')

and that will return the fully qualified url to my trash icon. We generate all the PNGs for the icon sets and keep them synced across all our gateways so no deployment is needed.