Custom JAR files preventing 7.9 server from startings

I'm attempting to start an Ignition server from a backup but it fails because it is looking for custom Jar files. Is it possible to simply comment those Jar files out of some config file so that the Ignition server does not need them to start. I don't care if the code that the Jar files bring to the server work or not because I'm simply getting a feel for a future upgrade and maintenance project. I have a copy of the Jar files and I suppose I can place them in the Ignition file structure but I don't know where they would go. I'm interested in understanding how I can skip the Jar dependency during startup.

For example, the error log says something like this where the name of the jar is changed to XXXX

Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing : XXXX.jar

Without some kind of stack trace or logs that further explain how and why it's failing it's hard to give you any advice.

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