Custom keyboard shortcuts?

I have looked around the forums and feature requests but either the related options I was able to find are for specific actions or the crawlers pick up everything related to the runtime layout.

Is there a way (even hacky) to customize my keyboard shortcuts? I really just cant believe ctrl+G isnt group but just having control of the shortcut mapping would be grea in the designer.

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It might help to narrow your question down to Vision (likely) or Perspective (which doesn't have a group command).

vision but its more about having control over the editor. Ill settle for a hack to give me control

You will probably have to do your hacking outside of the designer with something like Automator or autoHotKey; something that can actively listen for the key combo and subsequently perform the actions for you. Which operating system are you using?

You could also make a feature request for this.

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Custom keyboard shortcuts are on our to-do list but haven't yet risen to the top of the priority list. My plan is to lay some ground work in 8.3.0 and improve the functionality across different workspaces over the lifespan of 8.3 - but it's quite possible no such thing happens because, unfortunately, custom keyboard shortcuts aren't what sells Ignition :slight_smile: