Custom Login Screen Switch to Main with Tab Navigation

I have a custom login screen for a project and I’m trying to switch to a navigation window, docked west, and open the first tab in the navigation which is ‘Home.’ With the default login screen, the navigation window and home window are set to open on startup. They open and fit the screen very nicely. Now I have added my own custom login screen by using autologin with basic credentials with my login screen set to open on startup. The problem comes in on switching to the navigation and home windows. I’ve tried several times but the windows are always distorted. The navigation window gets stretched horizontally and the home tab is super tiny on open.

It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I got it to work by making my custom login screen one of the tabs in the navigation tab strip. I changed the login screen to open up on default with the navigation window to make everything size correctly to the screen. The autologin credentials do not have access to the navigation tabs, users have to sign in for the navigation to work. This actually worked pretty smoothly.