Custom Module Settings Page?

Is it possible to have a settings page for a custom module in the Gateway in much the same way that the Mobile Module does? I want to have a user configurable port number in a module that otherwise has no direct UI.

Yes, it is possible. I have done it by following these steps (if anyone see a better or simpler way to do it, please let me know). This is assuming you will store the settings in the internal database:

  • create your PersistentRecord class containing your settings

  • Add your link to the left menu in the config section by adding it to the GatewayContext.getConfigMenuModel

  • [Optional, I believe] Customise your page by extending RecordActionTable and/or EditRecordAction

If you write a driver you might not need add your link to the left menu.

It is not very easy initially, but I manage to do it, so it is possible :slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to post

Good luck

Yep. Here’s a copy/paste example of how it’s done:

private static final String[] XOPC_MENU_PATH = {"xopc"};

private void addMenuNodes() {
	LabelConfigMenuNode header = new LabelConfigMenuNode(XOPC_MENU_PATH[0], "xopc.config.menutitle");

	context.getConfigMenuModel().addConfigMenuNode(null, header);

	LinkConfigMenuNode settingsNode = new LinkConfigMenuNode(
	context.getConfigMenuModel().addConfigMenuNode(XOPC_MENU_PATH, settingsNode);

In this case, SettingsPage is a subclass of RecordEditForm, which gives you the settings editing UI you see all over the gateway for one or more of your module’s PersistentRecords.