Custom multi-state indicators

Is there a way to make custom shaped multi-state indicators like circles, elispe, or triangles. I am currently using an image and tint color, but that only allows 2 states. Am I missing a way to do this.

You can use the Style Customizer to adjust your Fill color according to a bound property.

Right-Click on the object Customizers -> Style Customizer

To quote one of the wise ones here: “I hope this helps!”


Thanks for the tip. I guess I never noticed the ability to assign a tag to the tint color. I just needed to enable the tint color and adjust the color using an integer tag.

You can also set as many states as you want for the indicator. Just click on the green + button at the bottom of the style customizer to add another. Unfortunately, if you want to make a circle or ellipse, you will have to move to something like the image component or the circle component and add a state dynamic property and throw a text label on top of it.

Think I missed something here. Do you mean adding a label or using the Label property of the Shape Component?

Haha, my mistake. Yes, I was talking about adding a label component but using the label property of the shape component would be the correct answer.

No problem. I just thought I had a dip in my caffeine levels. :laughing:

Here’s a quick example if anyone wants to play-- I mean, research and develop… :wink:
Multistate (12.8 KB)

Can you repost example, the thread isnt valid

Not really, those shape components have changed since-- holy cats!-- has it been nine years already?

Here’s one that uses current shapes. I use a dataset to hold the state/color/text values in one place.Custom MultiState Indicator_2019-10-08_1433.proj (10.0 KB)