Custom Navigation Menus


Has anyone created a multi-level buttonbar-style menu in the designer?
We want to dynamically build a menu structure with at least 3 nesting levels:

  • Parent item
    • Child item
      • Sub-Child item

See the bottom of this page for an example:

Oscar Salcedo.

Hi Oscar,

I haven’t ever seen anything like that link done in the designer. The closest thing we have to a dynamic 3-tier nav system is the tree view. Check that out as a possible solution. You might be able to do something like that in the template canvas, but that would require a decent amount of work.



I don’t know if anyone has built something like that before but this can definitely be done using a few label components and scripting. I would use the mouse entered and mouse exited event handlers to trigger visibility on the the components. Then maybe a mouse pressed to invoke a system.nav.openWindow() or a system.nav.swapWindow().

You can also achieve this using multiple Tab Strip Components and some scripting that would access the Tab Data dataset and either hide or or show different tabs based on something like the Selected Tab property.