Custom parameters for :Alarm table, Journal

Hello) I created alarms and warnings datatable or Journal. And standard functions doesn`t have parameters, which I want use. And it is annoying. These alarms and warnings e.t.c. do not have some parameters what i need. I create table in DB MySQL with parameters which I want to use.

These are examples of different tables. First table it is Alarm Summary, second table is Alarm History.
But I don`t know how can I add these parameters to tags and how to write down it to DB.
These tables must print to file PDF or printer, it doesn’t matter. I think for that I should create a report in Ignition and put tag to appropriate cells. As on this screen:

Somebody can help me with this problem.
Maybe there is an another way, how can it be created (done). Because I could not find anything througth the questions on the forum and in the Ignition knowledge DB.