Custom Permissions Role/Zone Dropdowns Missing


The dropdown menus are missing from the Role and Zone fields in V8.0.

The missing tag permissions functionality was added back in for the 8.0.1 release.

Thanks for the reply James- I am developing on a 8.03 nightly build from last week. The dropdowns are still not there.

Looking back at the details for the fix, there were problems re-implementing the dropdown portion of the functionality, so for now you will have to type in the role/zone into the free-form fields.

Hello. What is the status on this issue?
We are developing in 8.0.4 and can confirm that issue is still present.

For now, you will have to type in the roles and zones. The tag security system is getting an overhaul soon, and part of that overhaul should include making the process of setting tag permissions easier.

I don’t have a definite ETA on when that overhaul is happening, but it should be within the next few minor releases of 8.0 (i.e., 8.0.7 or 8.0.8).

Thank you for replying.
I will do as instructed.