Custom perspective login screen

For stylish design i need to match the theme of login splash screen with my client theme, so I need to some how modify it. is it possible?
If not how can design my own login screen without using .login() function. This function reload entire resources which is time consuming and not necessary.


We have similar requirement, for us either the ability to customize the background of the existing login screen or make our own with a new system function similar to the Vision switchuser() function which takes a user name and password, I guess this should be secure if run over SSL?

Yes absolutely.
I hope they make this possible.

Any update or idea for this?
Even any tweak into the html file is good for me.
I need to change background and put customer logo in the login page.


We have the same requirements: To be able to brand the login screen for the user logging in with their company logo. Please advise.

Perspective “co-branding” is on the roadmap for Q1 2022, though I don’t know how accurate that is or if it will be finished in Q1 or not. It looks like most of the design work is done and it’s ready for development to be started.


Any update on this?

This will be great.

I’m not on the team working on this, but in the issue tracker the “projected quarter” milestone has been moved to Q3.

In time for ICC2022?
I’ve found it can be an obstacle to overcome for some sales at the moment, especially if some of the clients are non-technical.

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I don’t think that is a consideration. Promising releases or even features by a certain date never ends well…


Tell me about it!