Custom programmable value control

I am trying to come up with a custom control that will allow a user to easily program a large value that can range from -100,000 to 200,000 using a touch screen. I have tried several combinations using built in controls but cant seem to come up with anything spectacular. I am not experienced at creating controls from scratch. The closest thing to want is using a slider and an LED display (see attached screenshot) but it doesn’t work that well because I have to scale the numbers on the slider to value/1000 so the numbers don’t take too much space.
Any ideas would be appreciated.Programmable Control

If that’s how you want it displayed, then can you have a second slider to set the lower half of the number?

Consider adding zoom in/out buttons on either side of your slider so the user can get more and more precise.

The way that I handle that is I don’t display the full range. I bind the lower and upper limits of the slider to the selected value +/- “x”. That way you can have a wide range with more precision.

You can add a property change script to enforce the maximum and minimum limits since they are dynamic with the property bindings

Thanks for the ideas so far. The zoom and limit is better but I was hoping someone had ideas that didn’t involve using the slider at all.

Hmm, what about increment arrows for each digit? It might be a little bit more involved to enforce the limits, but the usage would be dead-simple and much more accurate than a slider. I might have a touch on the display give the user a popup window so they’re not always visible.