Custom Properties and Tags

Is it possible to bind Custom Properties and Tags together?

Click n the column below the CUSTOM arrow and select the Tag binding type. Hit the tag icon on the right of the Tag Path field and the rest should be obvious.

Were you trying to do something more than that?

Is it possible to bind Custom Properties and Tags together?

Technically, you're binding the control property to the tag. You can't bind the tag to a component. (That's why the binding is created in the component property dialog.)

I may have worded it in a bad way.

I do not need the Custom Property to read the tag, but rather the Tag to read the Custom Property?

No. The tags exist separately to any project. They're on the gateway. Remember that you might not even have a project running for the tag to read and that, at the opposite end of the spectrum, you could have very many clients running.

You can make a binding bidirectional so that the tag will store the status of the property but that will affect all clients that refer to that tag.

Explain more what problem you are trying to solve. It's not clear from your question.


So I have a table with ingredients that need to be ran. My plan was to send down the information from SQL down to the PLC.

When a recipe needs to be run you would do something like this:

1 SQLBatchData isn't a great name for a recipe. It suggests to me the results at the end of a batch.

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I agree. If it's a recipe, call it recipe.

I agree. It just named that for testing purposes.

Thank you for the help!