Custom Props view

Hi everyone,
how can I do my custom view like this in my component (i don't need this format but I need to custom my own view)
is it possible !?

You can't add custom UI to the property editor from a third party module. The JSON editor is a custom Java Swing component we developed internally, and the different UI elements you get as pickers are hardcoded in and selected based on the format key in the JSON schema for the component selected.

What's your use case? We could potentially change that in the future, since we allow custom binding and action types to be registered for Perspective.

for example, making color Platte in dropdown like "enum"

See this:

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Sure, but the OP is asking (based on the module development category, at least) for customization within the property editor, in a custom module. That's not currently possible, but we could expose a registration point for it in a future release, I suppose.