Custom Session Props in Master do not propagate to Slave

Title pretty much says it all. I have a Master project with several custom session props and they do not appear to propagate to the Slave. :scream_cat: Custom component props do propagate, but not session ones. I can export session props (which include the custom ones) to the Slave, but that's extra steps that should be unnecessary. Is there something i'm missing here? This seems a major thing that should just be there.

Pretty sure that is one of those "all or nothing" inheritance items. (True for their Vision analog, too--Vision Client Tags.)

so this IS a thing!? :scream: i thought i was just missing a setting... how can you expect a Master to BE a Master if a chunk of it's major properties DO NOT PROPAGATE?


but if it's a thing, it's a thing... just have to adapt. :fork_and_knife:

Yes, this is a thing. Inheritance is by project resource, and some project resources contain multiple items.

Just as project library scripts inherit or override as a whole, not function by function.

The other major case to watch out for is project events.

thanks for the heads-up...srsly. :+1:

It's one of the reasons I make all events one-liners, delegating to a project script function.

i have much to learn here. i'm coming back to Ignition full force now that the software project i was on is finished. there's an unholy amount of garbage and spaghetti that i have to wade through and eventually fix. this throws a major curve ball at my mental model. but i'm glad it's getting fixed now rather than later. so thank you. :bowing_man:

Project events (gateway, client, session) are going to be separated resources in 8.3, at least.

Session properties will almost certainly continue to be all-or-nothing, though we do need to come up with better UI to present to you. Right now, you (as far as I know) have to manually delete the resource from your "child" project(s), and then the next time you load the project in the Designer you'll get the implicit inherit copy from the parent project. Then, making any modifications in the child project's copy will implicitly override it and give you a local copy at that moment in time.


that's perfectly fine. i WANT to have the ability to override for specific cases, but in general, i want the Master's custom session props to show up in the Slave project, at least initially, upon creation. i guess the better workflow would be to FIRST make the Master, THEN set it as such in the Gateway, THEN create the Slave... at least that's how it presents itself in my head after your post. but when you're running as cleanup crew, you rarely gets the clean slate, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

this was useful. thanks Paul. :+1: