Custom Tag Properties with Ignition 7.9.12



I am trying to add a custom boolean property to each tag in my module on Ignition 7.9. I am using a SimpleTagProvider, and I have not been able to find a way to add a custom boolean property to each tag.

In my module’s 8.0 version, its as simple as:

BasicBoundPropertySet tagProperty =  new BasicBoundPropertySet(new PropertyValue(new BasicProperty<Boolean>("CustomProperty", boolean.class), "false"));

provider.configureTag(tagPath, readtimeProperty);

but in Ignition 7.9, I cannot find any similar functionality.

If possible, how do I add custom properties to tags in an Ignition 7.9 module?



I’m pretty sure this functionality was added in Ignition 8.0 and you can’t do this in 7.x.

I’ll verify this in a few hours.

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Thank you Kevin!