Custom Tag Property in Alarm

How do I access a custom tag property within the alarm configuration.

For instance, a custom property "valveNum" (Integer) on a tag, I have the alarm message

"VM"+{Manifold_Number}+" Valve 1 Failed to Open"

But I want something like

"VM"+{Manifold_Number}+" Valve "+{this.valveNum}+" Failed to Open"
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Hi Amarks,

I am on version 8.1.28 for this example, after creating a custom property on the tag, I created an expression binding on the alarm display path. You can also have this binding for the other messages depending on your device.

Thanks, it looks like Customproperty is a string type. In this case, is the value of the prop " from custom property" (with the quotes)?

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Yes you are correct, I just use that string with quotes as a test variable for my custom property.