Custom Tag Property in Alarm

How do I access a custom tag property within the alarm configuration.

For instance, a custom property "valveNum" (Integer) on a tag, I have the alarm message

"VM"+{Manifold_Number}+" Valve 1 Failed to Open"

But I want something like

"VM"+{Manifold_Number}+" Valve "+{this.valveNum}+" Failed to Open"
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Hi Amarks,

I am on version 8.1.28 for this example, after creating a custom property on the tag, I created an expression binding on the alarm display path. You can also have this binding for the other messages depending on your device.

Thanks, it looks like Customproperty is a string type. In this case, is the value of the prop " from custom property" (with the quotes)?

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Yes you are correct, I just use that string with quotes as a test variable for my custom property.

Do you know if the Display Path is supposed to continue to update as the reference value updates? Or should it freeze from when the event occurred? I'm seeing conflicting answers and results in different versions.

This. As with all alarm property bindings.

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Thanks @pturmel, I have just verified this as well. The issue we have is that we are referencing a tag value into an associated data of an alarm. And then referencing the associated data in the display path expression. The trouble is that it executes the display path binding first. Which means that it ends up showing old values of associated data. We have to reference the tag in the display path expression directly. It seemed like a good idea to reference the associated data so that the reference isn't made twice.