Custom themes

Let’s suppose I’d like to bind color properties to tag values in order to synchronize my project’s color theme either to make project-wide color changes a breeze or just to let the user customize his/her viewer.
How might I avoid latency issues when loading a page for the first try?
In the past, I’ve linked color properties to tags and I need to wait for the tag to be read in order for the color to show, can I speed this process or completely avoid the load problems?
Would it be best to bind colors to custom window properties first and bind those to my tags or should everything be anchored directly to my tags?

Just off the cuff, how about a login script that assigns values to client tags?

Have you considered using Styles?

This old video on styles from FactoryPMI shows an example.

Are you binding to a server-side tag, or client tag?
I’ve noticed the server-side tags sometimes take a bit of time to initiate, but the client tags are usually fast.

In the video Nathan linked to, the styles are actually stored in a SQL Database. The binding is a SQL Query Binding, which grabs the desired style dataset out of the database and puts it into the ‘Styles’ property of your component.

As for SQLTags (not client tags), there are a few factors that can affect how long it takes for them to initialize. Not the least of which is the scan class the tag is in. The network, PLC (if applicable), and system load can also affect the performance.

Hope this is helpful, cheers.

color type properties are stored as which type in the database?

As a string like one of these:


thanks travis. linking hundred of labels to a style stored in a database… who would have thought.