Custom User Properties

Hi I’m using the database authentication for my user source and it shows a section in the manual queries that would query for custom user properties. I have the user source in Automatic mode so that I can edit users inside of an Ignition client, does this mean that custom user properties cannot be used? How do I set up a custom user property? How can I access it from the User object returned from system.user.getUser()

I use manual mode and have tables for user properties. I don’t think it will work in automatic mode, but I ended up building my own user modification UI templates. Although, if this has changed and I can go back to the built in user editor components that would be great!

The idea behind “custom” user properties is that they are registered by other parts of the system. For example, the voice alarm notification module registers that it needs a “PIN” property per user. The automatic db user source will see this and store it in a table, and it should work just fine. The idea isn’t that users define their own, arbitrary properties…