Custom user role attributes

Hi guys,
As you see in the screenshot Full Name attribute is “name” is it possible to use combination of attributes? so something like “sn , givenName”. Reason I want is that some people have a “1” in their names due to multiple same names. besides, it looks way more professional to see a Doe, Jane instead of Doe, Jane1 lol
Thanks in advance!!

Use middle initial?
We match logins with our Active Directory login names.
So if there was 2 Jane Doe first created would be JDoe
second would be JXDoe where X is the middle initial.

That would make more sense but that’s not how they do it here and unfortunately I can’t change that. I was hoping there is a way I can grab two attributes and put them together as first and last name

Well looks like displayName is one that can actually be modified so I just took the "1"s manually and user displayName instead of Name.