Custom vision component size is not increasing dynamically


We are trying to develop a vision component in 7.9.16. The approach followed is same as in weather component which was available previously in SDK example. Challenge faced here is to expand the component and fit in the new layout.

  • Created a component which is extended to AbstractVisionComponent
  • Created BasePanel which is extended to AbstractVisionPanel
  • In the beginning the panel has the main component with a button
  • On click of this button, another panel is added to the original panel
  • The size of the component is increased using setPreferredSize to adjust the two panels
  • Called revalidate and repaint to see a refresh and show both the panels. It doesn’t show complete component but it does add the new layout

We have tried multiple approaches with different layouts but nothing worked.

The new component behavior should be similar to the “DropDownList” component which expands on click of the button.

Please suggest some workarounds on this.