Custom Wicket Editor Component

I’m trying to create a custom web (wicket) text area editor component.
I’ve created 3 files:, TextAreaEditor.html, and
These are all in the same package (TextAreaEditor.html is in the src/main/resources folder).

I have a settings page that extends PersistentRecord, and have added the following:

public static final StringField TestDataField = new StringField(META, "Data");
static final Category Settings = new Category("TestProfileSettings.Category.Settings", 1).include(TestDataField);

static {

I can build and install the module with no errors, but no editor shows up for the Data Field in the web gui.
If I don’t call setEditorSource(), or import TextAreaEditorSource from the gateway-api package instead of my custom package, it works fine.
My guess is that TextAreaEditor.html isn’t being loaded (but I’m new to wicket so don’t really know - it is included in the compiled .jar though).
Is there any other step I’m missing?

Try putting TextAreaEditor.html in the same src folder as your This is what is needed my Ant builds. I suspect it is the same for maven.

I moved it in with the java source file but it’s just the same.
The name and description show up on the PersistentRecord settings page, but no text area editor.