Customise 'Gateway Connection Lost' Popup

Hi All,

Wondering if it’s at all possible to customise the ‘Gateway Connection Lost’ popup, other than adding the ‘Fallback Project’ button. I’m pretty sure it isn’t possible…?

The thought here is, I will have a system with one Ignition installation and many Ignition Edge installations. When/if connection to the Gateway is lost, I would like to have a choice of projects to ‘fallback’ to… none of which will be on the machine running the client, so simple local client fallback isn’t an option.

I could achieve this with an edge project loaded on the machine running the client that is simply a project redirection screen, but I would have to purchase additional edge licenses…

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Hi @joshdunstan , Did you manage to find something on the subject?

I also would like to either Customise, disable or ever show a custom popup when the gateway is down.

Hey, at the time I didn't find a solution and went with a different architecture anyway.

Thanks for your prompt response @joshdunstan. Just wondering, is there a way to display a pdf file or just a page incase of a fallback project? (I would just like to display a "quick troubeshooting guide" when the connection is lost to the main gateway)

*Just trying to avoid the cost of buying another gateway license for the fallback project.

Appologies, if its not the right place to ask this question.

This OP is old enough that it probably refers to Vision. It is possible for Vision to monitor its own connection with timer event and take any desired actions, because that code would be running in the client.

For Perspective, how would you get anything to the client? It would have to go through the gateway connection that is now broken.

Thanks for your assistance guys, I managed to achieve this by simly using Vision > Client Events > Timer Script.

status = system.util.getGatewayStatus("")

if status == "RUNNING":

  •     print "Central Gateway is available!"*
  •     system.gui.closeDesktop("Comms Failure")*


  •     print "Error: " + status*
  •     #system.gui.messageBox("The tablet has lost connection to the gateway. Check the following: 1. Internet connection, 2. Tosibox App is running and connected. For more info check the Quick Troublshooting guide: ", "Comms Failure")        *
  •     #system.gui.openDesktop(screen=0, handle="Comms Failure", windows=["Popups/CommsFailure"])*
  •     system.gui.openDesktop(screen=0, handle="Comms Failure", windows=["Popups/CommsFailure_Popup"])*