Customization of Configure Page

I’d like to add configuration settings for my module to the Ignition Gateway Configure page. Specifically, I’d like to add to the tree panel on the left hand side. Is that possible? How would I go about doing that?


I’ve the same need for a gateway modules ?

There are exemple for adding parameters for driver modules, but not for a gateway module which don’t create a new device.

This was a miserable can of worms for me, as wicket isn’t intuitive for me (yet ?). Anyways, you start in the gateway hook setup(): @Override public void setup(GatewayContext context) { // Other stuff context.getConfigMenuModel().addConfigMenuNode(new String[] { "database" }, new LinkConfigMenuNode("tsdbcache", "tsdbcache.panels.Config.Tabname", CachesConfigPage.class)); }That adds my configuration panel’s link in the sidebar, with an ID, a text localization ID, and the class to instantiate when the user opens the page. The class has to extend com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.web.components.ConfigPanel. Directly if you want to build a truly custom config page. I used the RecordActionTable instead (quite handy), since I wanted to offer multiple rows of configuration info in a table.

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Thanks Phil for the starting point.
If UI custom is to cumbersome I will end with a propertie file for settings of my gateway module.