Customize the editors

I would like to request the the ability to change the foreground and background colors of the fonts for the different type of text, such as comments, text in quotes, keywords, etc. My eyes are not as young as they were years ago, and with the office lighting that I can’t change, I have trouble reading some of the text at times, [color=#BFBFFF]especially the comments[/color], due to the lack of contrast. And the color of quoted text is [color=#400080]close enough to black[/color] that it is indiscernible to me at times. In Visual Studio, I had the same problem with comments, so I changed the background and foreground colors. Now the comments [color=#0040FF]really stand out[/color]. I have no color-blindness that I am aware of, but I’m sure there are designers that do. Giving us the option to change colors should alleviate any color perception problems that anyone has.

I would also like to see, sometime in the future, more configuration options for the editors, like the background color of the text area itself, the font face and size, etc. And a reset option to put everything back to the default, temporarily, would be nice when we call support and they do a GoToMeeting. That way they can see the text the way they are accustomed to seeing it, and when done, it would revert back to our custom settings.

I keep comparing the Designer to Visual Studio, and I’m well aware that you guys don’t have an army of programmers behind you like Microsoft does. But perhaps you can slowly add features to the Designer that will make using it a better experience for all of us, and bring it up to a higher level for the future.

Yes, This would be very helpful if I could change the Designer editor color scheme and not have to stare at the white screen which contributes to eye fatigue.

I would definitely use and appreciate this feature. :thumb_right: