Customized Database write

Can i log transnational group items which will be having different timestamp according to plc update,is possible to log different timestamp for transnational group items in database ,if yes then how i can do that. .
Also i more query was regarding by default Auto database table creation by ignition ,is it possible if we can log in customized format from ignition

Transaction groups only automatically log the server’s timestamp to the single t_stamp column. If you want international support on that timestamp, alter that column in the DB to be a timezone-aware type (like timestamptz in Postgresql). If you want value timestamps, you will need to manually add items in the group for each. Again, change the type of such columns to a timezone-aware datatype.

It helps if you note that Ignition’s java “Date” datatype is internally UTC milliseconds, which is either passed directly via JDBC to tz-aware DB columns, or converted by the JDBC driver to the gateway’s timezone for non-tz-aware DB columns. “Adjusting” value timestamps in Ignition so that they will magically convert in the JDBC driver to a different timezone’s representation is challenging and error-prone. I strongly recommend not doing that.

As for customization, you can use Ignition’s system.db/opc/tag.* functions to script the exact same operations that a transaction group would do. Initiate from a gateway timer script or a gateway tag change event. Then customize that script to your heart’s content.

Hi pturmel,
My exact requirement is i want to log data in database in format shown in the image attached.In image you can see the i have mentioned 5 parameters ,status with different time stamp.But in actual i want to show more than 1000 Boolean parameter with there individual time stamp on real time basis using power table or any good option you can suggest.
Also we tried transactional group for logging data in database , but ignition Autocreates table in database columnwise , we want as mentioned in the image for your reference but in this format it is not possible to show on live screen with1000 columns.

Thanks in Advance

Your desired output is a “tall” database table format, like that produced by Ignition’s tag historian. Transaction groups make “wide” tables. Consider using Ignition’s tag historian, possibly with partitioning disabled, and query its raw tables yourself.