Customized Gateway w/ Visible Projects Based on User

It would be handy to be able to customize the Gateway page so everyone that goes to the page does not see every project. In a deployment with multiple projects it is a bit cumbersome for each user to see all of the projects.

If possible it would be ideal to require a login before anything is shown on the gateway. Then based on the user it would display particular projects, configure options, designer etc.


You can make each page in the gateway require a login by going to Configuration -> Gateway Settings and putting in user roles for Gateway config roles, Status page roles, and Home page roles. Leaving them blank will allow any user to see them without logging in.

As far as the projects, there is no elegant way to list certain projects based on user roles, but you can go to Configuration -> Gateway Settings -> Homepage Config and disable projects, and manually distribute each user role direct links to projects. The URL for direct links is:

ip_address:port_number/main/syst … _name.jnlp

It’s a workaround, but you would also have to block those certain user roles from viewing the config page which lists all the projects.

You can also make your own webpage that has the links to the projects each user can see.
Ultimate flexibility, but more work.

you can also have a default project for everyone that you log into and based on that with scripting launch the specific projects cant you? Im looking at doing this now and im pretty sure its possible.