Customizing table component in persepective

Hello All,
Here I’m in need of a 5 column where 4 will come from database that i can take though named query,
and remaining one column i need to check a tag timestamp if the tag timestamp is 5mins lesser than the current_timestamp i want to indicate in the column as Active elif if the tag time_stamp exceeds 5 mins then the column should be InActive ,and how to add two datasources in table component
Any suggestions would be appreciated,

I would use a query binding on the table data and then use a script transform to add your new column to it

There’s only two real ways to do it - post getting the data, like @nminchin mentions via a script transform, or putting the logic inside the query directly. I’m kind of a fan of putting this sort of logic inside the named query itself as I feel its easier to do this in SQL than inside a script transform, but that’s personal preference.

If you will need dataset with the 5th column in more than one spot then I highly recommend putting inside the named query directly otherwise you will need to add script transforms in every spot you need this 5th column.

Can’t check a tag’s timestamp with a named query though, or am I missing something ?

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Correct, I misread the original question. Disregard what I said. Go with a script transform.

Dear @bkarabinchak.psi
Thanks for the response
where to write those script transform

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You might want to go through the tutorials (I think it’s called inductive university) and documentation.

Transforms are added to binding, when on the binding configuration window.

That’s fine i understood but how to bind the 2 data which is tag value to the existing table with a data source from named query

Hello all i closed this by using a template and custom properties,
to all who shared your ideas