Cut off text in buttons

I have a nuisance item. I tried searching the forum but came up mostly empty or no responses (perhaps wrong search terms)

The text is cut off. For example, it is supposed to read "Return Net (int)" . Instead the last parenthesis ")" is cut off. Even if I lengthen the box, it still remains cut off. Reducing font size appears to fix it but what's going on with this behavior? The box is clearly big enough (as I can extend it and it is still cut off)

What am I missing?

Ignition Vision 8.1.21

Longer box

Smaller font


I can't reproduce the problem on version 8.1.26. The text doesn't wrap.

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I just found the issue.

The screenshots were taken in the template window. I was zoomed in (even 125% is cuts it off). It appears that when one is zoomed in, it affects the way the text is displayed and causes it to cut off. When I zoomed out, it was correct.

The "window" was not affected and did end up showing the text correctly, whether zoomed in or not.

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