Cycle through different Perspective Views every minute


I am trying to create a client script that will change the view every minute.

I have the current code written out as a timer on a client event and I'd like to show BeltSanding view then the next minute show FinalMachining views on the screen.


Is this possible?


swapTo is for Vision not Perspective. For perspective, you would use system.perspective.navigate(). You should check out the carousel component for this.


Maybe something like this would work.

Your code is a client event script which is Vision only. The system.nav.* functions are also vision only. Since you've tagged this Perspective and are switching views they won't work for you.

@dkhayes117 beat me to it, but the link might still be useful.


Thanks All,

All this information helps a bunch and should be able to figure it out from here!