Cylindrical Tank Oil over Water

Oil over Water using “cylindrical tank”, how to? Please

You need to be more specific than that. What are you trying to do ?

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I am trying to use this component from the “Component Palette”, to show two variables one for oil and another one for water. I’ve tried using “Custom Properties” and “Style Customizer” but can’t figured out how to show two different levels, and making sure that the “Oil Level” will displayed on top of the “Water Level”.

That component doesn’t support showing two different levels.

You would need to layer two of the same component on top of the other, and then do some math in conjunction with transforming the components to make it work with that component. Not trivial.

Since this is vision you could also do this with shapes, which is undoubtedly easier and is probably the path that I would take here.

I suppose you could also do it with a paintable canvas. I guess it depends on how complex you want it to be.

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Result of overlaying two tanks as suggested by @lrose.
Vision 2 tanks

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You guys make it look and sound easy, but when you are a novice at this its pretty hard. I thought of that option since that’s something that I’ve done in Redlion HMI’s and even did it in vision with 2 level indicators, but don’t know where to start with this “Cylindrical Tank” component.

hi @Raymundo_Villa,

i supose you want to make the level dynamic of both water and oil?
In vision i’m not able to make it dynamic in perspective i’ve found a solution.
i’ve export the vision view for you (8.1 KB)

That’s exactly what I am looking for, but I don’t know how to do it. Again I am a novice and don’t have much experience with Ignition, a real quick how to would be greatly appreciated. I now I have to put one tank over the other, set the oil behind the water but after that I am lost.