Cylindrical Tank / Show Percentage

Hello, I am running into a issue with “Show Percentage” on a Cylindrical Tank object not hiding on initial page load.

Using the simple expression below:

if ( isNull({Bin Object.BinUDT::ContinuousLevel}), false, true )

The ContinuousLevel tag is not always valid. If it is null, it should hide the percentage.

For some reason it will not hide the percentage on initial page launch. I have to move away from the page and enter into it again.

I’ve tried to wrap the expression in a try statement but no luck.
I’ve tried reversing the logic but with no luck.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

{Root Container.Cylindrical Tank.value} > 0

In an expression binding is probably the simplest way. Is this something you already tried? Is there a reason this solution wouldn’t work for you?

Thank you for the reply.

On the surface this solution does do the trick. Although it does cause another problem. For the tanks that I do want to show percentage, it of course doesn’t show when the value is 0%.

Saying that, I don’t feel the solution will suit my needs.

The isNull does work, just not on initial page load.

Then don’t apply the supplied binding for the other tanks.


Create a custom property on each tank which denotes whether it should or should not display a percentage when the tank is “empty”, and use

{RootContainer.Cylindrical Tank.shouldDisplayNothing} && {Root Container.Cylindrical Tank.value} > 0 

I should have been a bit more clear. The Cylindrical Tank is part of a global template, in which, some tanks have continuous levels and some don’t. Creating an extra custom property for the purpose of ‘making something work’ for the sake of it is messy and confusing. I have the information available that I need but the function does not work properly.

There is nothing complex here. I believe there is a bug related to the isNull function when using a UDT property tag. If I use a tag with null value outside of the UDT, the template displays properly on initial page load.

Thank you for your efforts.