Cylindrical tank show value


I am new to Ignition and just trying to do some simple things. Is there an easy way to show the value of a stock cylindrical tank instead of a percentage? I have a whole bunch of these types of questions but I’ll start here.


Hi Jason,

(On the assumption that you’re working on a Vision window)
With the tank selected, in the property editor, uncheck “Show Percentage” and check “Show Value”.

If you can’t see those properties in the list, then click the little funnel at the top of the property editor (to change what properties you can see) and change it to “Standard” or better.

You’ll notice that the tank still shows the max capacity next to the value. Personally, I don’t like that, so when I’ve used these in the past I just unchecked both, and put a label over top of the tank, and then dragged my tag onto both the tank and the label.

In Perspective, I don’t see the same properties available. I’d just uncheck “valueDisplay/Enabled” and put a label on it.

ok, thanks. I am in Perspective so those options aren’t there. Thanks for the quick response.

Not with the standard Cylindrical Tank, no.

You could easily do the following to display a value of your own:

  1. Place a Coordinate Container.
  2. Set CoordinateContainer.props.mode to a value of percent.
  3. Deep-select the Coordinate Container.
  4. Place a Cylindrical Tank in the Coordinate Container.
  5. Set CylindricalTank.position.x and y to a vlaue of 0.
  6. Set CylindricalTank.position.width and height to a value of 1.
  7. set CylindricalTank.props.valueDisplay.enabled to a value of false.
  8. Place a Label in the Coordinate Container.
  9. Set Label.position.x to a value of 0.
  10. Set Label.position.y to a value of 0.45.
  11. Set Label.position.width to a value of 1.
  12. Set Label.position.height to a value of 0.1.
  13. Modify the Style of the Label and set the Text Alignment to a value of center.
  14. Bind Label.props.text to CylindricalTank.props.value.

Great, thanks again all. Half the problem being new to this is I don’t know what I am missing. I knew I couldn’t find what I was looking for I’m just not sure where else things can be hiding.