Cylindrical Tank Stroke color

Could you please help me with one question?
We are using now CylindricalTank and our customer wants to see another color of the stroke, in the props we can change only the stroke width, but not the color.
Maybe you know, is it possible to realize?


Thank you in advance!

can be done with theme.css or css injection:

create a styleclass named cylTankStroke

}.psc-cylTankStroke .ia_cylindricalTankComponent__tank, .psc-cylTankStroke .ia_cylindricalTankComponent__liquid{

and paste this into backgorund image
then assign the class to the tank


Thank you! Then I have one more clarification, in this case, is it make sense the View and Cylindrical Tank names?

this is a classname ignition gave to the svg path of the tank (with some default styles)

you can find it by inspecting the page in the browser

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