Dabase faulting

I’m getting issues with our database connection and I’ve uploaded a copy of the fault from the logs. We’re using MSSQL Server 2012 on a different server to our Ignition server When it happens we get three to four entries into the log with the same time stamp every few minutes. and then it stops for a while and repeats.

Can someone help with a diagnosis of this fault?

Thank you for looking.

That usually means you have something running on a timer at about that interval that runs multiple slow queries. Those tie up the connection and other operations can’t pull from the pool. Look at the advanced settings for your database connection for pool size controls. Consider turning on statement logging in your SQL Server so you can see which queries are regularly popping up as slow. That should give you some insight as to which tables or views need optimization.

Also look for scan classes or events that synchronize at that interval as a least common multiple. E.g. a fifteen-second scan class and a twenty-second scan class will run together once a minute.