Daily database export?

My Vision app has a gateway script that runs a batch a file every 2 am to export our MySQL 5.6 database. This worked well enough for a while until another developer deleted a column from a table that was used in a view, and this caused the export command to fail, but I had no knowledge of until checking our file system and seeing we didn’t have any backups from the last week. Ignition I suppose isn’t able to catch errors once it dispatchs the batch file to run, that becomes it’s own process. It was pretty hard to troubleshoot in it’s own right.

Now, I am having issues again, my batch file isn’t working, I cannot I cannot tell why, and I AM able to successfully export from MySQL Workbench without issue. If I trigger the gateway script it seems to work sometimes and not others, and I have no clue why. My question is, is there a different way I can back up my database daily with Ignition so that any errors I would see logged?

Why not put your batch file into the Windows Task Scheduler?

Also, the batch file should be writing to a log file of some sort so you can see what it’s doing. Use ignition to monitor the log file.


Ok these are good suggestions. I have to learn more about Batch files first I suppose ha. Thanks.