Daily Totals in time series charts

I have not been able get a time series or xy report to ever work if I do any formatting with the date…I end up using a bar chart but that is not always the best way to display the data…I put some time and effort in today to try and get it to work, but I always end of with all of the data plotted in the center of the chart with the 1970 epoch date. Here is an example query…

SELECT CAST([datefield]) as DATE, COUNT(somefield])
FROM someTbl
WHERE daterange
GROUP BY CAST([datefield]) as DATE

The date returned looks like “05/21/2019” I always get what looks like good data, and like I said, the bar chart always works properly

Any thoughts? I would think if it did not like the date format that an XY chart would work, but it produces the same result!


I fixed it by CASTing the date back to datetime after the totaling, but still curious if there is any way to format the date? Maybe using scripting? A lot of my reports would be more readable if the date was formatted with just month/day like “06/19”

Doh! Never mind, I was trying to format the date in the query when it is much easier to do it in the date format of the chart!!!

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Hi @leversole, need your little help on this issue. I have a query SELECT SUM(ABC), MAX(t_stamp) FROM XYZ WHERE AJSFBF > SJSD GROUP BY t_stamp . Now when I want to add range key in the it just shows me my query name._ which doesn’t allow to add pens for the individual selected columns on the timeseries chart in the reporting section. Can you please help me with that?