Dash icon for multiple selection in security settings

Hi all, i am using v8.1.7
I realised when i select multiple components and tried to do some security settings, instead of the common tick and untick options, there is a ‘-’ option.
Tried to search around in the manual, but couldn’t find the meaning of it, could someone help to explain what is the difference between tick and - icon?

Does the project have a parent project as it looks like the options with the - are being passed down from the parent project (Inherit Permissions)

Inherit Permissions, tells the component to Inherit it’s permissions from it’s parent container.

So for instance if you group multiple components together then you can set permissions on the group, and then chose to have the child components inherit those permissions (or not) as well. This include if the component should Inherit Permissions.

The Check Mark means that the selected (component) will have the restriction, the - means that the selected component will Inherit from it’s parent.


Hi Craigb, nope i do not have any Parent Project for this project.

Hi Irose, thank you for replying.
I have tried, when i selected 2 components together, and set “Disable Events” as - instead of tick. Afterwards when i select them individually, “Disable Events” is not ticked, or having -. Which means that nothing has been applied?..

I’m not certain that you can apply securities to multiple components at once or not. If they didn’t stay, that would seem like a bit of a bug, but I’m not sure.

Just selecting multiple components, doesn’t “group” them. That requires another action. Also, the parent container must have that security applied or inherited.