Dashboard Comparision


I would like to know what’s the best solution between these two applications for Dashboards;

1. Ignition or 2. Klipfolio

Which of these will provide my data to be entered / viewed more professionally and efficiently.

The answer, of course, is ‘it depends’. ‘Entered / viewed more professionally’ is in the eye of the beholder.

How many dashboards? How many clients? What information are you really wanting to convey? Is the end user willing to pay and extra 360 dollars (minimum) per year to use Klipfolio? I don’t have anything against Klipfolio, as it seems to be a pretty slick package. These are just questions that should be asked.

This thread has some examples of things done in Ignition. The first few posts seem to have broken pics, but it gets better later on.

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Thank you for your response, well in numbers it’s currently 1 client which has 70 sites, I will want the field service agent to fill the monthly report for the forms and data requires/requested by client’s based from this monthly report an yearly report should be generated.

However, the data source entry can either be by an excel sheet or engineer himself.

Maybe “Yes”, the end user needs results …