Dashboard Configuring Retain Data

Afternoon all, and happy new year!

I have recently tried the dashboard component on perspective, and think its a great way of showing information! Through playing, I have discovered one big problem, and one question.

Starting with the problem:
I have created a 'widget' made up of view that contains an embedded view. The base view only uses the 'configuring' parameter that comes passed through with the dashboard. As per the ignition university, I have added an input field that allows me to enter a number, and only shows when the component is being configured. This number is then bound to the text size parameter in the embedded view.
At runtime, I can enable configuring and change the text size (hurrah!), however, as soon as the page is navigated away from or refreshed, any changes are lost. All params throughout are set to be persistent. Have I missed something somewhere? It seems as though the data should be saved at least for the remainder of the session for that user.

The question:
Similar to the above, the dashboard resets on navigation away from the page - Is there a 'built-in' way to make this configuration persist on a user basis?

Thanks in advance!

Nope. But you could create and bind to a session custom property.

No. Typically a database would be used, with a username column.

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That's a nice easy answer! :laughing:

Do you have any examples of this? There could be quite a number of different widget layouts per person so I'm trying to visualise how it would be structured?

Check the Ignition Exchange. I think there's one up there.