Data access without SQL Bridge or Historian

I have the core Ignition license without any sql bridge or tag historian module. Is it possible to query Ignition on current tag values and store those values in a database manually using custom code without the sql bridge or the tag history module installed? I do have web dev module.

Yes. The base platform exposes the ability to connect to databases via scripting (with the exception of some Edge editions). The SQL Bridge module adds transaction groups, and the tag historian module is required to use our historian, both storing and querying, but you are definitely able to set up your own storage and querying of whatever information you want via scripting.

Thank you so much PGriffith.

Could you please guide me to any resources/literature on how to achieve this (scripting to connect to databases using the base platform)?

You generally do not script the database connection. You configure a named database connection in the gateway, and use that with Ignition's system.db.* scripting functions for querying and data manipulation.

Thank you pturmel. To configure a named database connection in the gateway and use that with Ignition's system.db.* - can you do it with just the base platform (without the sql bridge or tag historian license/module installed)?


Thank you! :+1:

Do note that many Ignition UI components are tailored to take advantage of the tag historian. (And the SQL bridge, to a lesser extent.) You can go this route, but be aware that it may cost you more in engineering time than you are saving in license costs.


You also won't get the nice interface integration such as enabling history on tags via the tag configuration.