Data Binding showed 'Error Configuration' in Perspective Session

The Named Queries works fine, but when binding in the Perspective Session, it shows ‘Error Configuration’.
The Named Queries simple_query with syntax ‘SELECT ‘HELO WORLD’’ binds to a table finely.
Help me out pls, thanks

If you hover over the Error_Configuration at the bottom, you’ll actually get an explanation as to why you’re seeing the error. The most common problem I help people with in this setup is that they have failed to “commit” the text value, but Im betting your issue is because you didn’t wrap the Value in double quotes. The Value input is essentially an Expression field, and so Strings need to be wrapped in double-quotes. You could also bind against a property, at which point interpolation handles the wrapping for you.

Try this:
Replace 66_6444B with "66_6444B" (make sure you hit Enter to commit the change).

This is the error I get when attempting something similar, and wrapping the value in double quotes allows for the binding to succeed:

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 9.29.39PM

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