Data collection in batches

Hi All. I have been working with a data source that stores data in batches of 1 minute. using the OPC client interface, this works fine for tags with a scan interval of 1 minute. However, when I try to collect information on tags that have a higher collection frequency like 5 seconds, I am missing all the data and only seeing the most current value appear. Which I guess is as expected. Has anyone come across a similar situation or has worked with an Ignition interface that will use OPC HDA to capture data over a set window (in batches) so that am not losing information from tags with scan frequencies of less than a minute.


I guess it really depends on how you capture data for that dataset. And what you end goal/intention is for this data.

I’m assuming you are collecting the “tag” value every minute. So you record the single value at the time of capture.

But if you had history enabled on those tags, you would be recording every change. And could possibly manipulate that tag history per your needs.

Why do you need said data? And what are you going to do with said data? Please provide a more clear picture of what you are tryin to accomplish?

I don’t recall Ignition supporting OPC HDA at all.

Really making use of Ignition as a data interface so that we can that forward and aggregate information into the cloud. At the moment, Ignition is capturing a value everytime the source system identifies a change. the problem occurs when the source system identifies a block of changes that are written all at the same time and so ignition is only capturing the one value rather than the block of values.

I think you’re correct. I was hoping that a OPC UA solution would cover us for HDA and somehow facilitate a batch type collection.