Data Entry update Time

In one of our projects , Data entered doesn’t immediately appear on the screen.In some cases takes longer time while other cases it demands a second confirmation through enter key.Please advise

Provide some more details please.
What components are your using?
How are you gathering the data you want to show?

Your question is too general.

It is PLC connected through appropriate drivers,in turn getting routed through SQL bridge to MSSQL. Additionally field data(comments) is manually entered on respective clients provided near the machine.It is these manually entered data which are not getting displayed on first entry.I hope you got the sufficient details to help us now.

If you are entering data into your database and there is a delay in seeing that data, the most likely answer is the refresh rate of the query that retrieves that data. If you display the data with a table then you can change the polling rate on the query or on the button that confirms the data entry do something like this:

table = event.source.parent.getComponent('Power Table')
system.db.refresh(table, "data")

This will force a table to update from the db when you confirm the entry

thanks you very much