Data Entry via barcode reader

How to send data entry via barcode reader to Database SQL Server in automatic?

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What kind of barcode reader? How does it interface with other things (USB/keyboard wedge, serial, unsolicited UDP, etc?)

The Barcode Reader is Symbol,Model: LS2208.

The intarface is USB keyboard/wedge.

You could have the user scan the value into a Text Field component and then write a script on that text field that puts the value in the database when a certain number of characters have been entered if all barcodes have a fixed character length.

I had a chance to use a Wasp USB barcode reader. The thing was slick as heck. A scan registered just like input from the keyboard. They included a “programming” book of barcodes. For example, if you want the device to type a “tab” or “enter” after a scan, you scan that corresponding barcode. You could make it beep afterward, and had lots of other options.

In FactoryPMI we used green neon colored rectangles around the input box to show the user which input was selected. A pretty simple Jython scrpt displayed and hid these on Focus events.