Data forwarding issues in 8.1.3

Hello, were there any recent changes to the tag historian or gateway libraries? Our module that we’ve built doesn’t forward data properly, starting from 8.1.3. When a tag is set to be historized, a datapoint or two will make it into the DB, but nothing further will be forwarded unless the module is restarted. We’re not seeing any error messages, and recompiling the module against the latest tag historian, gateway and gateway api dependencies doesn’t resolve this either.

Hi, could I please get a response to this from the IA module development team? To be clear, our module which was forwarding data in 8.1.2 stopped forwarding data in 8.1.3 after no change on our end.

Psst! Module development is one of IA’s as-is offerings, no support. IA is very helpful when they can be, but they have no obligation to help you solve this. Stuff breaks with new versions occasionally. You’ll have to dig around to figure out what changed.

I’m guessing this is related to some changes made to tag backfill, which I think were further changed in newer 8.1.X releases (as far as I know, as part of ongoing discussions with third party module partners). However, I’m not an expert on the tag system and don’t know all the details. I’d get in contact with our sales engineering department - if they’re not immediately familiar with the details, they should be able to reach out to the developers who would be.

Hi Paul, thanks for the response. I already reached out to someone in sales engineering, and was directed to try here first. Should I try escalating with my original contact?

What’s the deadband set to on these tags? Can you upgrade to 8.1.4 or latest? If you can, you can set a flag in the tag provider to allow backfill data that may be related to what you’re seeing.

I’m currently testing on 8.1.5 with a simple tag counting seconds, so the style/mode are auto/absolute. Are you referring to the flag in the gateway settings of the tag provider? If so, setting it doesn’t change anything.

What I am noticing is that the ForwarderThread.isForwardTrigger method executes at a steady rhythm in 8.1.2, but is not doing so from 8.1.3 onwards. We are currently using the DefaultStoreAndForwardEngine class, and using a MultiStageStore as its store and our own class as the DataSink.